Honqgi E-HS 9 Specs and Description

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Honqgi E-HS 9 Specification

  • e-car producer:
  • max speed (km/h):
  • battery (kWh):
  • 1 charge range (km):
  • first registration:
  • 0 to 100 km/h (0-60 mph) (in sec):
  • engine capacity (p.h.):

Honqgi E-HS 9 Description

Pre-top version, 6 seats, with air suspension, released in 2021. The crossover was released in the style of Rolls - Royse common features are double-decker headlights, a vertical break in the grille and retractable door handles. Electric car 6 seats.

EV Seller Current Location

г. Орша, ул. П. Лепешинского, 67

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